I am passionate about telling the real life stories of forgotten and marginalised people. My recent book A History of Women in Medicine revealed the female Anglo-Saxon healers who were demonised as witches and wiped from the historic record. My previous books dealt with the culture and landscape which fostered the seeds of such discrimination.

Themes of abuse and power always find a way into my books, and my next project entitled Saints and Witches is no exception. It tells the tales of religiously rebellious women silenced by the Inquisition. For me, being a child-abuse survivor, it makes sense to explore how people are shaped by circumstances beyond their control, also, how these experiences shape our future expectations. Would I have joined a cult in my twenties, or welcomed into my life a friend harbouring murderous intentions towards me, had I not been tortured as a child? I delve into the lives and history of others to answer questions waiting poignantly within my own soul.



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