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The Titanic Girls, by Julie Cook.

Book Review

"When the Titanic sinks in 1912, all the world seems to care about are the rich and famous on board. But in Southampton, the city where Titanic set sail, the wives of the drowned crew are thrown into poverty and despair.

Lucy, recently married and with a one-year-old child, is widowed when her stoker husband Joseph dies. With no breadwinner, she must fight to survive for her baby.

Beautiful and feisty Catherine is engaged to Percy, a steward on Titanic, who comes home suffering with shock. Can she cope marrying a man the city now calls a 'coward' for surviving the sinking?

Susan, a teacher, is a secret Suffragette and most of her pupils have lost fathers on the Titanic. When she meets a man she finally falls for, can she reconcile her desire for women's rights with her desire to fall in love?

The Titanic Girls is a story that follows friendship, hardship and grief at a time of great upheaval for women. Three best friends help each other survive through sorrow and despair. But when an entire city believes men who survived the Titanic are cowards and when one man returns from his watery grave, can life ever go on as before?

* * *

Julie Cook is an author and journalist for national newspapers. She regularly writes for the Daily Mail, Telegraph, the Mirror and the Sun and women's magazines. Her great-grandfather was a stoker who died on the Titanic. She lives with her family in Hampshire, England."

Julie Cook’s new book The Titanic Girls is a must read! I loved this book, loved these stories of women, their lives moving within situations behind their control. Here we find the moving tales of best friends caught up within the Titanic disaster, each experiencing the whirlwind of pain and distress as loved ones and their legacies are pulled and pushed by the events, and the political narratives of the time. The characters drew me in to their world. We are familiar with the history of the Titanic, but I’ve certainly never given thought to the lives of those surrounding the disaster, the tragedy they endured. This beautifully written account brings to life these forgotten voices. It’s a riveting read.

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